18 Most Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients: Lets Talk About FD&C and D&C Colour Pigments synthetic colours


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I want to give information to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposure to harmful chemicals.  I need you to understand that if any of the ingredients I discuss with you have a low score of being an overall health hazard, it is still enough to know you do not want it in or on your body.  Many of these ingredients are only tested for a short time and not by testing it regularly and for many years.  Toxic absorption builds up over time and so does its ability to harm our body.   So adding a little on your skin today adds up over a week, a month, a year and longer.

FD&C and D&C are colours used in a huge range of products.  I am discussing two in this blog just to give you a basic understanding of their use restrictions in products.

FD&C Green 3 and D&C Red 17 - These ingredients may be derived from animals. Pigments from animal, plant and synthetic sources used to colour foods, cosmetics and other products. Widely used FD&C and D&C colours are coaltar (bituminous coal) derivatives that are continuously tested on animals due to their carcinogenic properties.  They have low to moderate use restrictions, other high concerns, persistence and bioaccumulation, other moderate concerns, organ system toxicity (non reproductive), other low concerns, ecotoxicology.

There are many more colours used in products and are classified by their colour and a number e.g. FD&C Green 3 D&C Red 17 FD&C Yellow 5 FD&C Blue 1

They are all different from each other, some have higher use restrictions and health concerns than others.  

Please check all your skincare products at home to see if they contain these ingredients.  Be wise, be safe.